Moody County Conservation District
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In 1995, after fifty years of successful leadership in promoting the conservation of our natural resources, the District’s Board of Supervisor prepared to lead the District into the 21st century by establishing the District’s vision and mission statements, an annual work plan and a five year long range plan.  The annual work plan and the five year long range plan are updated each year to address the needs of the District.  Information gathered from public meetings held in the nine watersheds in the county was used to formulate these statements and first plans as well as to develop hydrologic unit plans to address the individual concerns identified in each of these watersheds.  In cooperation with the Bookings and Lake County Conservation Districts, the District completed water quality projects to address the natural resource concerns in the Spring Creek, Battle Creek, Jack Moore Creek and Bachelor Creek watersheds by December 2005.


In 2006, the District began working on the multi-year Central Big Sioux River Watershed Project in cooperation with the Brookings, Lake and Minnehaha Conservation Districts, the East Dakota Water Development District, and the City of Sioux Falls.  In 2010, the District became the prime sponsor for that project to address the water quality concerns in the Big Sioux River basin between the Brookings/Hamlin County line and Brandon, SD.

In 2012, it was agreed to combine the Central with the Lower Big Sioux River Watershed Project resulting in a combined coverage area from the Brooking/Hamlin County line to the Big Sioux River's confluence with the Missouri River at Sioux City, IA. The cities of Brookings and Brandon were added to the list of cooperating members of the watershed project and it was renamed the Big Sioux River Watershed Project.







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