Moody County Conservation District
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A sustained agriculture community in harmony with a healthy natural resource environment.



The Moody Conservation District was established in 1944. Located in eastern South Dakota, the district borders western Minnesota. The county totals 133,107 acres with 2,181 acres being administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The county consists mainly of highly productive cropland. Rangeland comprises 12% of the counties acreage. Main crops are corn and soybeans with limited acres devoted to alfalfa and small grain production. Livestock production is diverse. Dairy, beef cow/calf and hogs are the main livestock produced. A few flocks of sheep are also raised within the county.



The Moody Conservation District will provide the leadership in conserving the county's natural resources by assisting its residents to voluntarily implement sensible, sustainable natural resource conservation practices for themselves and their prosperity.  Primary emphasis will be to improve water quality and reduce soil erosion.